Mentoring for MBAs at #LeedsSchoolofBusiness – University of Colorado Boulder

Want to provide mentorship to students in the best business school in Colorado? Want a mentor that can guide you, your job searches or business ideas? If so, check out the University of Colorado Boulder’s Professional Mentorship Program for MBAs. Mentoring for MBAs at Leeds School of Business – University of Colorado BoulderIt is an 18-month program, so you’ll have time to get to know your mentee / mentor and be ready for the business world when you are complete with your MBA.

My personal experience with this program has been fantastic. After completing the application, I was paired with a mentor that had the experience I was hoping for. My mentor and I both enjoy happy hours, so we meet on the first Wednesday of each month at one of the finer happy hour spots in Boulder. So many fantastic restaurants and happy hour spots, it’s been enjoyable trying a new spot each month. Enjoying first Wednesday Happy Hour with my mentor has been a great way to get to know her, network in a relaxed setting and discuss strategies for classes, my business and after school goals.

If you are thinking of applying for a mentor, the application process is now open until December 16, 2016. I highly recommend it! It’s a great way to start getting involved in the local community.

For mentors, this program is a great way to meet other like-minded and successful business people in the Boulder area. There are meet-and-greets throughout the year so you’ll be able to network as well.

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