Be True To You

Learn about authentic leadership, the importance of work- life balance, and the four pillars necessary to stay in balance while you continue to grow in your field. Based on Andi Sue’s forthcoming business book (Be True To You).

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ABCs of Transition

Andi Sue delivers this subject with an adventurous and thought provoking style, based on her successful transitional experiences, travels around the world, and upcoming book. For anyone who seeks to plan a transition that leads to a successful transformation.

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Accidental Aviator

How does a 17-year-old girl, who had never seen the ocean, decide to join the Navy to be on a ship and see the world, become a Naval Aviator and perform life-saving rescues? Fly with Andi Sue as she takes you on the adventure of a lifetime.



Don’t Forget to Lower the Landing Gear!

In a world full of multi-tasking, over scheduling and a lot of noise, it can be easy to forget the one thing that might kill your business. Find out the importance of maintaining warrior focus on the simple and important tasks.



D.L.E. – Diversify, Lead, Empower

Identify and implement the three imperative factors to successful workforce diversity. Includes knowledge critical for executives to middle managers desiring to successfully recruit and retain top women and minority talent.

Workshop or Keynote


Call-sign ‘Squeaky.’  Embrace Your Differences Starting Today!

Find out how to leverage diversity and embrace your differences to achieve the greatest productivity and efficiency in your business. Ideal for organizations working to diversify their workforce.

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