Meet Andi Sue Phillips

Author, women’s leadership expert and diversity consultant. Andi’s specialties include leading people to be their authentic selves, empowering women and motivating business leaders to embrace diversity and inclusiveness. The result is an increase in profits and more cohesive work culture.

As a former Navy MH-60S Seahawk Helicopter Pilot (2004-2014), Andi has flown missions all around the world and is used to a working in dynamic and constantly changing environments. A decorated pilot and officer, she has been recommended by top Officers in the Navy, including several high ranking female Naval Officers, who were ‘firsts’ in their impressive list of accomplishments.

Andi established, AndiSuePhillips LLC, to continue to serve, share her professional life story and make a difference. The experience she has in leading high performing, diverse teams in challenging environments enables her to deliver engaging presentations and quality leadership and diversity training. After working and flying for years in the nearly all-male environment of Naval Aviation, Andi is able to deliver unique guidance and diversity training from personal insights and lessons learned. Her knowledge and experiences coupled with a dynamic personality will produce results for participants at all levels.

After earning a college scholarship through the Navy’s Enlisted Commissioning Program, Andi studied at the University of Colorado, in Boulder. Upon graduation, she attended Navy flight school and started her Officer career. After five years of flying, she applied and was accepted into the prestigious Naval Postgraduate School and earned a Master of Science in Human Systems Integration. An advocate for continuing education, Andi is currently working on her Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneur and Management.