“Andi Sue Phillips is a highly respected professional who leads by example, motivates all whom she encounters and is engaging, dynamic, and humble. I have personally observed her passion for success under challenging and stressful circumstances, always keeping a team approach intact and foremost in her priorities. Whether serving overseas or in responsible headquarters positions, Andi gets it right every time! Any organization which can plug into her skills, charisma and know-how will benefit from this accomplished woman’s insight.”

Carol PottengerVice Admiral, US Navy

“I have known and admired Andi Sue Phillips for some time. She is a strong leader who takes on challenges and stays focused on the essential. As a Naval Aviator, she learned to take risks, persevere through the difficult times, and has proven her flexibility and capability to overcome obstacles. She knows how to adapt to the unique and complicated situations that life presents. She leads with tremendous energy, enthusiasm and purpose. A true optimist, Andi Sue, motivates and empowers everyone to be their authentic selves and enables them to reach new levels of success.”

Wendi CarpenterRear Admiral, US Navy

“Passionate about diversity, fairness and excellence. Andi Phillips’ knowledge, skill and enthusiasm are evident in her inclusive leadership style. She is an agent for change and will make a strong impact within any organization. A role model for excellence in any industry.”

Cedric PringleRear Admiral, US Navy

“Andi Sue Phillips is a remarkable leader! She has a deep knowledge, experience and passion for diversity matters and equitable opportunity within organizations. She is adept at leading diverse teams and masterful in her ability of bringing a variety of personalities together within the organization. With her leadership background, as an Officer and a Naval Aviator, Andi is an asset to any organization in executing a 360 degree view of its leadership style and organizational culture. She very capably brings her cooperative mindset and fresh outlook to the table in grooming successful leaders!”

Bryan LopezCaptain, US Navy

“While I was the Commanding Officer of USS ESSEX (LHD 2), I had the pleasure to serve with Andi Sue when she was assigned as a helicopter pilot onboard. She distinguished herself as a leader in the Wardroom and throughout the ship with the personality and confidence that inspired subordinates, peers and all that came in contact with her to work to their highest potential. Andi Sue is a true leader, mentor and professional and I am proud to have had the opportunity to serve alongside her in our United States Navy.”

Brent CanadyCaptain, US Navy

“Andi Sue Phillips is able to present complex information in a way that is easily understood. She was invited to present her Master’s thesis, The Scope of Back Pain in Navy Helicopter Pilots, results to audiences of scientists, medical researchers and practitioners, and high level military officers. She gave a presentation at the annual meeting of the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) and subsequently was given a special invitation to present her findings in Washington, D.C. at the Rotary-Wing Aircraft Seating Forum – Blue Ribbon Panel. This is a prestigious panel that included several Generals and Admirals. Andi has the poise, intelligence and confidence to conduct meaningful research and to present her findings clearly to a broad range of audiences.”

Dr. Michael McCauleyProfessor, Naval Postgraduate School