Boulder Entrepreneurs Volunteer for University of Colorado’s #MBA Business Plan – Shark Tank Class

One of the best things about being an MBA student at the University of Colorado is the fantastic #entrepreneur community in Boulder.   Ranked as one of the top entrepreneurial cities in the United States, it isn’t hard to understand why. It is a great town, economy and community. The entrepreneurs in Boulder are not only invested in their businesses, they [..] More

Want a newsletter and content generator for your business? Use #Paperli

At #AuthorU, I recently learned about a new tool called, which creates a web newspaper and e-mail newsletter with content and topics that you program. There is a lot of functionality in the free version and you can even set up this web based newspaper to follow your personal interests as well. collects content on a topic of [..] More

Use Music & #Meditation this Holiday Season for your #Mindset #Management

Recently I’ve tried meditation and found it a useful tool for mindset management. It helps me stop, even if for only 5 minutes, to create calm and clarity. The Apple iWatch Breathe app is a great “on the go” tool for breathing and meditation. If you like music to meditate, then try out the Relax Melodies app by iLBSoft. I’ve [..] More

Shop #Boulder’s Local Stores for Holiday Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

(based on Alli Fronzaglia’s article (Your Boulder Holiday Shopping Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts) The co-founder of Boulder Hiker Chics, Alli Fronzaglia, recently wrote a great article titled “Your Boulder Holiday Shopping Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts.” I recently became a member of the Boulder Hiker Chics, which is a fun club for women that enjoy hiking and each other’s company. Alli’s [..] More

#AttitudeofGratitude – A Tribute to my Grandmother

One of my dear aunts reminded me that my Grandmother would have been 100 years old this week. Although she has passed, she continues to guide an entire family with the legacy that she left us. Full of love, grace and resilience – One of the most amazing women I have ever met! It isn’t hard knowing where I get [..] More