Want a newsletter and content generator for your business? Use #Paperli

At #AuthorU, I recently learned about a new tool called Paper.li, which creates a web newspaper and e-mail newsletter with content and topics that you program. Want a newsletter and content generator for your business? Use #PaperliThere is a lot of functionality in the free version and you can even set up this web based newspaper to follow your personal interests as well. Paper.li collects content on a topic of your choosing from anywhere on the web and programs the content into a newspaper for you. If you blog, you can share your content on your newspaper as well and then can share your newspaper automatically on twitter with the free version.

The pro version ($99 a year or $9 a month) has been great to work with. I’m currently in work with programming my newspaper, which will be out soon, as a resource for Women in Leadership, Women in Business and Diversity in Business. Any topic will work from real estate to becoming a beer brew master so this tool can work for any business owner. Best aspect about the pro version is the ability to brand the paper with your logo and run ads about your business if you want.

There are four areas that Paper.li Pro works for you:

  • Collect content on a topic from anywhere on the web
  • Social media agent
  • Web newspaper
  • Newsletter service

Collecting content anywhere on the web will allow your newspaper to have a variety of content. Your content can be added and you’ll be able to share this variety of content with your clients, friends, or whomever you create the newspaper for.

Sharing this newspaper is easy with the social media functionality. You can program it to share automatically, share your top article and share on your business page. Another aspect that I found interesting, is that you’ll be able to attract prospects and build community by sharing tailored content with the programmable topics of your choosing.

The web newspaper can host your content, is fully customizable, will add content to your blog or website, add/remove advertisements, install custom widgets and videos and images as well. The web newspaper allows you to create a web presence or enhance your presence through your programmable content.

Newsletter service is fantastic. You can easily create beautiful newsletters with your content and topics of choice. The newsletter can be sent via Paper.li or MailChimp, is customizable, can embed a subscription widget on your website and can add a customizable message to your subscribers.

Highly recommend Paper.li for small businesses. Having a resource that is this customizable and specialized will benefit your customers, clients and readers. Also, adds variety to your content and aides in content generation for your social media as well.

Check out Paper.li.

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