160 Miles in 160 Hours to Honor 160 Lives

How One Female Vet Found Inspiration After Afghanistan

Could you answer the call to go to war? Would you volunteer to deploy to Afghanistan? Can you imagine being a mother to six children?


Meet my ‘Motivational Monday’ Special Guest feature story of Nancy Lacore. Nancy is a Navy Captain who served in Afghanistan from 2011-2012, she has 24 years of active and reserve service, helicopter pilot, mother of six and the wife of an active duty helicopter pilot.

After being in a war zone and returning home, Nancy, like most Vets, needed some time to transition back to ‘normal’ life. Nancy was so thankful to come back in one piece and unharmed, but was constantly thinking about all the Veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice and didn’t get to return home to their families. She also saw first-hand how women were making major contributions to the war effort.

Nancy decided to do something to honor the female veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice. She established ‘Valor Knows No Gender: Run to Remember’ which was a 160 mile run, in 160 hours, for the 160 female veterans who died while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. ‘Valor Knows No Gender: Run to Remember’ was her inaugural event (October 2014) and personal journey to honor these women. Not only did Nancy run 160 miles in less than 6 1/2 days, she also raised over $33,000 for two nonprofit organizations: the Women in Military Service Memorial Foundation (which maintains a women’s memorial museum in Arlington VA) and Wounded Wear (which serves families of the fallen).

Now Nancy has a goal to establish a yearly ‘Valor Run’ event – the next one is a 10 miler/5K on May 17, 2015 in Virginia Beach. You can register here: http://www.valorrun.org/events.html

To learn more about the women War Veterans, who lost their lives, in Iraq and Afghanistan click here: http://www.valorrun.org/the-fallen.html

If running isn’t your thing but you’d like to help ensure these female War Veterans continue to be remembered – please donate here:

Nancy’s drive, dedication, compassion and overall superwoman status is why I have chosen her as a guest feature for my Motivational Monday Blog series. She is a role model for all Vets. Her example of attitude of gratitude and staying focused on a major goal is a positive and healthy way to work through the challenges of returning home from a deployment or any major life transition.

Be Motivated!

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