Women's Veterans Memorial at Arlington is a tribute to female Veterans and needs your help!
There is a wonderful tribute to women who have served in the United States Armed Forces, and it is the Women’s Veterans Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery. I had the opportunity to visit this memorial; it is a beautiful and at times heart wrenching collection of the history of women who have served, and the impact women have had on protecting American liberties. It is inspirational! As a non-profit, the memorial relies on donations to
#OptOutside for Black Friday - Colorado State Parks are Free
Have you heard that Colorado is participating in #OptOutside on Black Friday? What a great way to say “NO” to too much stuff and enjoy the day with your family. Photo credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) and the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office have teamed up to offer free access to all 42 Colorado state parks and are using the hashtag #FreshAirFriday. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife
#Thanksgiving Day Recipe for #Cranberry Salad
Thanksgiving is a special time of year for me – I enjoy time with family and friends and sharing special meals. One of my favorite fall dishes to make is fresh cranberry salad – it tends to be a big hit when I make it, so thought I’d share my recipe. First thing I do is go to my local #WholeFoods Market and purchase the following: Walnuts (2 cups) Two green apples Two 10.5 oz
Author U - Power of Networking within a Community
Judith Briles, Chief Visionary Officer and Founder of AuthorU has created a wonderful publishing community. Located in the Aurora, Colorado area but with events, webinars and videos has expanded the community across the country and even internationally. Many communities have writing groups, so authors can get group feedback about their writing, but few will assist in finishing the book, publishing and distribution. If there is a book in you, if you are stuck with writer’s
Top Five Ways for Everyone to Support Women and Minorities in the Workplace
(Based on Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s article in What can you do to create an inclusive environment in the workplace? A lot! After becoming a Navy Helicopter Pilot, all I wanted was to fly and rescue people in need. Unfortunately, the hardest part of my job wasn’t flying in dangerous environments, putting my life on the line, preparing for check-rides or studying weapon systems and tactics. It was dealing with men in the workplace