Why On-going Education is Essential to Your Work / Life Balance!

There are so many ways to invest in yourself and continue on-going education, even in your busy life. With quickly advancing technology to being able to help a child with common core math homework, investing in your on-going education will help your work / life balance.


Staying current in your workplace, keeping your brain active and creative, setting a good example for your family and keeping curiosity alive and well within you are reasons that on-going education should be a priority in your adult life.

Today’s ‘Motivational Monday’ will focus on ways to create opportunities for on-going education and work / life balance.

Traditional classroom education at a university is what I personally prefer. It is time consuming but I do recommend it if you are thinking about a career change. If you became unemployed during the recession, think about going back to school to enhance your skill set and keep those gaps off of your resume. Many universities offer degree programs during evening hours too.

On-line college is an option for those who want more flexibility with their time. I have participated in several on-line classes and enjoyed them. On-line college takes a lot of self discipline and time in front of a computer. You’ll be watching classes on-line, having scheduled discussion groups and homework.

Certificates are very focused in a particular area and are not as time consuming as a degree. Many certificates can be earned on-line at prestigious schools and can be accomplished in a variety of lengths of time. If you are looking for something to boost your resume or annual review at your current job but don’t want to make the major time commitment for a degree – a certificate may be for you.

Conferences are a great way to learn about your career field, where businesses are heading, keeping current and networking within your field. Conferences tend to run from one day up to a week long. I prefer three day events, plenty of time to hear speakers, meet people that interest you and it gives you time to brainstorm ways to implement any new ideas into your work place. It’s not too long of time away from home and a great way to recharge your professional batteries.

Libraries and book stores are a great way to continue your on-going education. Pick a subject you’d like to learn about. Could be about business, a travel destination or something you’d personally like to learn.

Internet is a great tool to teach yourself all kinds of things. Spend some time researching your next vacation spot or teach yourself something technical.

Be Motivated!

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