#Thanksgiving Day Recipe for #Cranberry Salad

Thanksgiving is a special time of year for me – I enjoy time with family and friends and sharing special meals. One of my favorite fall dishes to make is fresh cranberry salad – it tends to be a big hit when I make it, so thought I’d share my recipe. First thing I do is go to my local [..] More

#AuthorU – Power of Networking within a Community

Judith Briles, Chief Visionary Officer and Founder of AuthorU has created a wonderful publishing community. Located in the Aurora, Colorado area but with events, webinars and videos has expanded the community across the country and even internationally. Many communities have writing groups, so authors can get group feedback about their writing, but few will assist in finishing the book, publishing [..] More

#TatteredCoverBookstore Partners with #AuthorU

The new owner of the Tattered Cover Bookstore, Len Vlahos, gave an inspiring talk to local authors at the November AuthorU meeting with Dr. Judith Briles, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer. A new program for local authors is in the works with Matilda leading the way and serving as the contact for local authors. Once the Tattered Cover has their [..] More

Why On-going Education is Essential to Your Work / Life Balance!

There are so many ways to invest in yourself and continue on-going education, even in your busy life. With quickly advancing technology to being able to help a child with common core math homework, investing in your on-going education will help your work / life balance. Staying current in your workplace, keeping your brain active and creative, setting a good example for your family and keeping [..] More