Use Music & #Meditation this Holiday Season for your #Mindset #Management

Recently I’ve tried meditation and found it a useful tool for mindset management. Use Music & Meditation this Holiday Season for your Mindset ManagementIt helps me stop, even if for only 5 minutes, to create calm and clarity. The Apple iWatch Breathe app is a great “on the go” tool for breathing and meditation.

If you like music to meditate, then try out the Relax Melodies app by iLBSoft. I’ve started using this app to relax at night. I put it on my #Apple iPad Mini and turn it on each night. With all its programmable sounds and music, it has been a tremendous help to me in getting to sleep faster or for taking a short meditation break in the afternoon. This app is great and currently boasts a 5-star rating with over 74,000 reviews. Relax Melodies provides so many sounds, meditation sessions and a timer (so it shuts off automatically) all in their free version. Customization of sounds and mixing is easy to do, so you’ll be able to have the perfect sleep app for you. Recently, Relax Melodies has created an app for #iWatch so you can take your meditation music with you. Highly recommend music, meditation and focused breathing to aide in finding calm, clarity and rest.

Enjoy this holiday season with your family and friends!

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