Boulder Entrepreneurs Volunteer for University of Colorado’s #MBA Business Plan – Shark Tank Class

One of the best things about being an MBA student at the University of Colorado is the fantastic #entrepreneur community in Boulder.   Boulder Entrepreneurs Volunteer for University of Colorado’s #MBA Business Plan - Shark Tank ClassRanked as one of the top entrepreneurial cities in the United States, it isn’t hard to understand why. It is a great town, economy and community. The entrepreneurs in Boulder are not only invested in their businesses, they are also invested in their community and university as well. Regularly professors bring in local business owners to talk with the class to provide current real world experiences.

Currently, I am in Professor Erick Mueller’s Business Plan Prep Class, which takes several business ideas, and MBA students team up to flush through various aspects of a business plan to analyze the business idea’s feasibility for success. Often at the completion of this class, students will go into business with an idea that has gone through this extensive process.

An aspect of this class that showcases Boulder’s entrepreneurial spirit is our three volunteer mentors.

  • Jane Miller: a top executive with twenty-five years of experience in large consumer product companies, and now the founder of a career advice website,
  • Chris Bentley: a business development and sustainability champion with over forty years of entrepreneurial expertise in launching products and services.
  • Hector Rodriguez: a senior leadership executive in enterprise software, new technologies and cloud, company builder and global expansion strategist.

It has been great to be introduced to people willing to give back to their community and volunteer their time as a mentor to students in the CU MBA program. They have also volunteered to be our judges at our final presentations, which are a “Shark Tank” style pitch of our business ideas.

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