#AttitudeofGratitude – A Tribute to my Grandmother

One of my dear aunts reminded me that my Grandmother would have been 100 years old this week. Although she has passed, she continues to guide an entire family with the legacy that she left us. Attitude of Gratitude - A tribute to my GrandmotherFull of love, grace and resilience – One of the most amazing women I have ever met! It isn’t hard knowing where I get my adventurous spirit; my grandfather was a career Navy man, and my grandmother braved raising 9 kids with a husband who was often out at sea. My grandmother always had a warm smile and a focus of what is truly important in this life. There wasn’t a lot of material possessions, but there was a lot of family time filled with sports, playing cards, love and laughter. The most important thing my grandmother taught me was to have an attitude of gratitude and trust that through hard work, things will work out. I didn’t quite understand this when I was younger, but now I do my best to embrace it. Whenever I feel like I need perspective, I often ask myself what would grandma do or say? Sometimes it is important to forget about our first world problems and focus on having an attitude of gratitude. The best way I have found to do this is to take a hike. Literally, I get outside, unplug from electronics, walk, take in nature’s beauty and take time to feel spiritual. I am thankful for all the time I had with my grandmother and feel her presence often. She was part of the greatest generation, and I hope we all take time this holiday season to remember those that have touched our lives.

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