Amazing 3 Day Author Conference: Judith Briles’ “JB Unplugged” was a back to basics hit!

If you have a book in you, then be sure to check out the Book Shepherd, Judith Briles, a writing and book publishing coach here.

judith-brilesOne of the best ways to enhance your personal development is to attend a three-day conference. There is something special about being focused on your professional goals for three days with other like-minded individuals. It’s not too long away from home but somehow so much seems to get accomplished. I highly recommend three-day conferences if you are wanting to refresh your professional goals and recharge your motivation.

During this year’s sold-out JB Unplugged, authors from all over the United States arrived in Aurora Colorado to network, brainstorm and have fun. Authors reviewed their social media and received instruction on dozens of tech tools from the ‘Geek Girl’, Kelly Johnson of Cornerstone Virtual Assistants. Day 2 and Day 3 were packed with courses pertaining to marketing, publishing and best-seller book plans.

The best thing about JB Unplugged is its simplicity and small conference size. Only 30 authors and Judith Briles sharing her 30 years of expertise – that’s it and that’s all that is needed!

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